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IEP update - Parents of Special Needs Kids

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December 12th, 2008

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09:01 am - IEP update
I wanted to thank everyone for their advice and help. I have to say, it did not go the direction I thought, the way I thought or badly at all. After some discussion on my son's behavior and non compliance, as well as some things I've witnessed in his Occupational Therapy, we decided that until his sensory issues are resolved, he simply won't learn.

A little background: He has a hard time staying focused, is constantly moving, stims A LOT and is always more interested in the world around him than tasks at hand.

it occured to me in the meeting that what it amounts to is his teacher is frustrated because she doesn't know how to reach him and is focusing that on me and really..I'm doing the same. So I didn't even remotely try to target her on anything that had upset me. Instead, we discussed how to help Dane's sensory needs. The Program Director for the Autism Unit was there and she will be visiting the classroom to see how the environment is and how he responds to that environment. Furthermore, the Occupational therapist at the school will be doing an extra evaluation, to include contacting the Occupational therapist at the hospital to coordinate a sensory diet for my son. They will also be evaluating his need for ABA in the classroom.

I left it at this. If we get his sensory needs met, it SHOULD follow, that the learning will begin and if it does, then we can address his academics. If he still isn't being challenged...that can be addressed then. But, until he's willing to actually sit and learn it really doesn't matter what they put in front of him.

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